About Us

BioBev is a student-led company that aims to provide an alternative for non-biodegradable cups in order to reduce waste. Our product is a naturally biodegradable cup with a rippled exterior.

Our mission is to integrate sustainability into daily life, starting from the cups that people drink out of. By designing and distributing environmentally-friendly cups in an accessible and affordable manner to local beverage shops, we hope to transform our community one cup at a time.

The Story

When our team looked into plastic waste generated from single-use cups, we found that more than 146 trillion cups end up in landfills every year, most of which will still be on our planet 500 years from now. After conducting market research, we also found that single-use cups used by most local businesses are either non-biodegradable or have a PLA lining. PLA, although biodegradable, must be sent to a commercial facility in order to be successfully disposed of; however, PLA often ends up in landfills instead, polluting the Earth like other harmful materials.

After learning about the harms of single-use coffee cups on the environment, our team decided to take action and start BioBev, a company that provides businesses with an environmentally-friendly alternative to the cups they currently use. BioBev was created in September 2019 and started participating in entrepreneurship competitions the following February, working to raise seed funding.

Our Product

The Naturally Biodegradable Single-Use Cup

BioBev's single-use is made completely from bagasse, fibrous residue from crushed sugarcane, and biodegrades in 45-60 days. Bagasse is naturally biodegradable and home compostable, meaning that it can biodegrade in landfills unlike other cups on the market.

The United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) states that bagasse is also a byproduct of sugarcane production, a massive industry that accumulates large amounts of excess bagasse every year, forming bagasse mountains of 30 to 40 feet high in the United States. By utilizing this excess material, valuable land is also opened up for other uses.

Our Team